At Reset Sports Massage we believe that the key to cure is prevention! We chose Pilates as our exercise methodology because it encompasses many aspects of ‘prehabilitation’. Our sessions aim to improve strength, mobility, posture, joint stability, movement quality, and flexibility. Many of our clients say that their Pilates classes feel like group physiotherapy sessions.

We also love Pilates for the ‘wellbeing factor’. Many exercise classes emphasise high intensity and are often led by red faced instructors yelling “PUSH, PUSH, PUSH!” Contrastingly, our Pilates instructors encourage you to listen to your body and to rest when you need to. We also incorporate elements of meditation, mindfulness, and body awareness throughout each session. But this doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged! Feedback from our clients suggests our Pilates leaves you feeling relaxed, whilst still knowing you’ve worked hard!

I said to my daughter there must be something special about you because your classes aren’t like the others!

Pilates class member

Bannatynes Health Club

We also offer private Pilates classes with 1:1 or 1:2 tutoring. You can enquire or book here.

Wednesday 5:30pm

Wednesday 7pm.

Classes of up to 8.

Monday 6pm

Wednesday 1:30pm

Classes of up to 16. Members only.