Hello and welcome to the new section of my blog ‘For Therapists’. I’m really excited to introduce this new part of the website! Here I will be talking all things soft tissue therapy and small business. As the title suggests the blog is written BY therapists FOR therapists. This first post reveals who I am and my aims.

Reset Sports Massage and Me

My name is Jennie. I am the company director and lead therapist at Reset Sports Massage. Aged 19 I attended the university of Stirling intending to become a primary school teacher. There were many things I enjoyed about teaching children. Unfortunately the career wasn’t quite right for me. In my final year I fractured my radial head (elbow). Consequently, I was unable to complete my final teaching placement. As part of my physiotherapy plan I received a couple of massage treatments. I knew then that soft tissue therapy was for me!

In 2015 I completed the level 5 diploma in soft tissue therapy at the Oxford School of Sports Massage. I also finished a Human Biology A Level at the Open University. I immediately registered Reset Sports Massage. Over 2.5 years my business expanded to cover 3 locations and we are continuing to grow. I now also teach soft tissue therapy at OSSM.

About The Blog

I would not change my company director status for the world. But that doesn’t mean it’s been an easy ride! Business ownership is hugely rewarding, and comes with it’s own unique challenges. As a member of generation Y, Google is my go to solution. However, on many occasions I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. Many blogs aimed at soft tissue therapists often revolve around research, manual techniques, and knowledge. This is obviously useful in the clinic. Unfortunately it didn’t help me with the ‘behind doors’ aspect of running a business. On the other hand, sites aimed at small business owners tended to offer practical information only. They were not always relevant to my type of business. 

One of my favourite parts of running Reset Sports Massage is writing content. We all know that many entrepreneurs come up with their ideas by combining their skills with ‘scratching their own itch’. So this is my aim for the blog. My posts will be based on personal experience. The topics I will cover will revolve around my personal challenges including:

  • Isolation,
  • Mindset,
  • Systems/processes,
  • Relationships,
  • Work/life balance,
  • Working in the business vs. on the business,
  • And the occasional existential crisis!

My wish is that this blog brings comfort and inspiration to other practitioners. I’d like to help you to feel a little less alone. Any problem you face, someone else has probably faced it too. Most of all, this blog is about sharing my experiences and learnings with others like me. 

 I hope that you find my posts valuable and welcome your feedback. You can do this using the contact form at the top of this page.

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