What To Expect




Initial Treatment

Sports Massage

An initial massage treatment consists of a 15-minute client consultation and 45-minutes of treatment. Your therapist may ask about your medical and injury history, outcome goals, sport or hobbies, occupation, and lifestyle. Your therapist may also assess your posture, joints, or injury.

Private Pilates

An initial massage treatment consists of a short client consultation followed by a short general Pilates session. Your instructor may ask about your medical and injury history, outcome goals, and lifestyle. Your instructor will gauge your strengths and targets during this session and use this information to plan tailored Pilates sessions going forward.

Follow-Up Treatments

Sports Massage

Follow up treatments may last 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour. Your therapist may reassess your posture, joints, or injury. The therapist will use a range of massage and neuromuscular techniques to address soft tissue dysfunction. She may recommend stretching or strengthening exercises for you to do at home.

At Reset we aim to treat the cause of pain as well as the symptoms. This means that your therapist may work away from the area of pain. Your therapist will keep you informed throughout the treatment.

Private Pilates

Follow up Pilates sessions will last 1 hour. Your instructor will have planned the session based on your goals and needs. At the end of the session your instructor may ask for feedback on what you found easy or difficult and which bits you enjoyed.

If you agreed a method of measuring your progress (for example photographs to compare posture) your therapist may reflect on these with you every month or so.

What to Wear

Sports Massage

Your therapist will need to access the injury or painful area during the treatment. Please wear shorts and a t-shirt or vest.

Please be aware that the area that needs treating may need to be exposed. Treatment rooms are private and towels and cushions will be used for modesty. Your therapist will communicate with you to ensure you are comfortable with the treatment, keep you informed, and request consent throughout the treatment.

Private Pilates

Please wear comfortable exercise clothing. If possible, close fitting clothing is more appropriate to enable the instructor to observe your technique.

Please bring with you a bottle of water, a small towel and/or Pilates block, and a Pilates mat.

Medical Referrals

Your massage therapist or Pilates instructor may request a referral from your GP or specialist before the session begins. Some examples of conditions that may require referral include disorders of the circulatory, nervous, immune, or lymphatic system, inflammatory conditions, skin conditions and fever or flu like symptoms. This list is not exhaustive and if in doubt it is better to seek advice from your GP before attending.

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