Prescription Orthotics

We work in partnership with Foothealth UK to provide bespoke and fully customisable prescription orthotics. An orthotic is a shoe insert that supports the foot in the optimal position for function.

The feet are the foundation of our structure. They are comprised of 26 small bones. Each is designed to work optimally from it’s own specific position. Poor footwear, injury, and muscle weakness can cause the bones to deviate from this position. This affects the foot’s ability to function normally, which usually results in compensation patterns further up the body.

We can use the analogy of the body as a machine to understand the implications of compensatory patterns of movement. Imagine a machine built with cogs and hinges. When all of the parts are in the correct position the machine will function smoothly. However, if one cog was moved even a few millimetres from it’s position, the machine would become slower, less smooth, and less efficient. The teeth on the moved cog and those adjacent to it would suffer from excess wear and tear in places they wouldn’t have before. This can happen in the body too, and shows why dysfunction in the foot can result in knee, hip, or back pain!

The purpose of your initial consultation is to design your orthotics. Your therapist will assess your posture, general movement, and individual joint movement. Your therapist will discuss your preferences regarding colours and materials and take a cast of your feet. Drawing on conclusions from your assessment, your therapist will finish with hands-on soft tissue techniques to address muscle tension.

The purpose of a follow up appointment is to check that the orthotics are still meeting your needs. Your therapist will check the condition of your orthotics and discuss your experience with them. She/he will arrange for any alterations (such as replacing a worn top cover) if necessary. Your first alteration is complimentary and involves no additional cost. Finally, your therapist will use soft tissue techniques to compliment the use of orthotics.